Reel 2017

Latest Reel highlighting my motion design and compositing skills

2K SPORTS - NBA 2K 2015 tracking shots - Video Game (Tracking, Compositing, Modeling, Animation)

Scott Grossman - Dealt - Documentary Film  (Animation, Composting)

Scott Grossman - Be Prepared to Stop - Documentary Film (Animation, Design)

Stanford GSB - SEED promotional video - (Animation, Compositing, Design)

9iFX - Rehau windows advertisement (Animation, Compositing)

Scott Grossman - The Mars Generation - Netflix Documentary (Animation)

Orbilus - Logo Animation (Design, Animation)

Angle Of Attack - Educational Learning series for Cirrus (Design, Animation, Compositing) 42 10min to 25 min videos)

Sportvision - Logo Animation (Design, Animation)

Sportvision - PITCH f/x Graphics for TBS - (Design, Animation) 2007 Sports Emmy winner

Sportvision - America's Cup (Broadcast Design) 2011 Sports Emmy winner

Scott Grossman - Al Gore "An Inconvenient Sequel" (Animation)

Stanford GSB - Educational Videos (Design, Animation, Compositing)

Keith Reinbold - "DeathTraps" (Design, Modeling, Animation, Compositing)

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